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Austin Fitness Martial Arts & Karate offers AMAZING kids & teens programs that will boost your child’s ENTHUSIASM, FOCUS, ENERGY, and CONCENTRATION – that’s a GUARANTEE!

Our kids and teen Kung Fu Karate programs are designed to prepare our students for adult life. We don’t rough them up; we toughen them up, FROM THE INSIDE OUT! We help them see how important and special they are. They will learn how to respect themselves and to expect it from others. Their self-esteem and self pride will be raised. They’ll learn valuable life skills and how to defend themselves, all with EXCITEMENT, AND FUN!

Those important qualities don’t just happen. It takes a well orchestrated effort to instill self-confidence in a child, to ensure he or she sees the positives in themselves, and to recognize their potential for self-greatness. Our outstanding martial arts staff, here at Austin Fitness Martial Arts & Karate, knows how to break through that wall of shyness and insecurities. We’ll help make your child BULLY PROOF! He or she will KNOW how, and have the inner strength, to resist temptations and ward off schoolyard AND LIFE’S bullies! And, your child will have an AWESOME time learning!

Kids LOVE the EXCITEMENT, the Training, the Exercise, the LIFE-SKILLS Learned, THE FUN!

Hi! My name is Master Hughes. I am the Master Instructor and owner of Austin Fitness Martial Arts & Karate. We are one of the fastest growing, established karate schools in Central Texas. For more than a full decade, we’ve nurtured our students and taught them the life-enhancing benefits that are achievable ONLY IN MARTIAL ARTS! I am offering you and your child the opportunity to witness the power of martial arts, FOR FREE!

In our professional facilities, you’ll see for yourself the pure JOY and EXCITEMENT the kids feel as they go through our very powerful regimen. They learn:

CONFIDENCE – to achieve their goals
FOCUS – to maintain their desire
ENERGY – to arise each day with enthusiasm
SELF-ESTEEM – to respect themselves, as well as others
SELF-CONTROL – to accept life and deal with it responsibly
SELF-DEFENSE – to expect respect from others

Boys and Girls From the Age of Four to Fifteen are WELCOME!

Our classes are designed to show each child their personal importance and to teach them DYNAMIC, USEFUL, REALISTIC, SELF-DEFENSE SKILLS! However, with the dynamic power of martial arts skills comes responsibilities; they’ll learn that the skills we teach are ONLY for defense, NOT for offense!

Your child will be in a class with others of a similar age and expertise. They’ll be in a group he or she fits in with. Children are not pushed beyond their personal limitations and comfort zone. We believe that enouragement and self-reflection of their accomplishments as they rise in the ranks can bring out that warrior spirit in any child.

Our Staff at Austin Fitness Martial Arts & Karate is the BEST!

Our fantastic team of instructors is a truly remarkable crew. The students, and parents, LOVE them! They were personally selected for their martial arts skills, and their outgoing personalities that bring so much FUN to the table. Between our superb staff and our great students, laughter and fun has a healthy existence here! Each class is FILLED with FUN and EXCITEMENT! Our entire year includes many SPECIAL NIGHTS like Buddy Night, Movie Night, Parent’s Night Out, holiday parties, contests, tournaments, and FUN, EXCITING CHALLENGES!

Every Road to Success Starts with One CRUCIAL step!

Take that one crucial step now! Whether your goal is for your child to tone up, lose weight, learn reliable self-defense techniques, improve their confidence and self-esteem, or begin their journey to achieve that coveted black belt, NOW IS THE TIME to get started on that AMAZING journey of GROWTH TO MAXIMUM POTENTIAL and FULFILLMENT!

CALL US NOW for your child’s FREE class, or to arrange your FREE TOUR!

Austin, Texas 512-707-8977