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Tai Chi is the perfect solution for everyone of every age looking for a low impact means to exercise your entire body keeping you flexible, agile and fit.

This is a non-competitive form of gentle, yet extremely effective physical exercise and stretching regimen. Originating in China for self-defense, Tai Chi is now used as a stress reduction and to minimize effects of many health conditions. Made up of a series of postures, your body will be in constant rythmatic motion.

Perfect for Everyone

Due to the gentle nature of Tai Chi many older adults gravitate towards this class. Regardless of your age or physical ability Tai Chi will strengthen and stretch your muscles and relax your body. With regular exercise, you will become more limber in no time. It is highly recommended for people that don’t otherwise exercise on a regular bases.

You will absolutely enjoy classes that will include:

Tai Chi – Learn to control your breathing and build physical energy with this slow moving meditation with low impact and controlled movements.   This will Improve your balance, grace and poise.

Qi Gong – Used in balancing your organ functions and stimulating your body’s own natural healing powers, created in ancient China.

Zen Yoga Stretching – Will teach you to focus your mind while increasing blood flow and circulation while improving energy flow along Ki Meridians. This energy circulates in our bodies through a network of energy channels that carries it to every cell and organ to keep them functioning properly. However, when the energy becomes blocked or stagnant, the bodies vital organs begin to suffer from a lack of energy, which eventually leads to poor health.

Meditation – Become a more compassionate and peaceful individual by calming your mind, which helps you relax and reduce stress.

What benefits can you expect from these classes? You will see a difference in body, spirit, and mind!

You will have a Healthier Body:
Improve Your Overall Strength & Flexibility while Promoting and Managing Weight-loss
Help Relieve Chronic Pain while Stimulating a better, Healthier Immune System

You will Learn to Relax Your Mind:
You will Enjoy a Longer More Peaceful Sleep with Emotional Serenity, Guaranteed
Release Stress, Depression and Anxiety that comes from Every Day Life

Inner peace, flexibility, strength and mental fitness are just a phone call away! Call today to try a rewarding class on us!

Austin, Texas 512-707-8977