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Master Jeff Hughes

Master Hughes has been teaching and leading in the martial arts in Austin, Texas since 1995. He opened the first Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung-Fu school in Austin. Hollywood, California and a Branch run by Master Carl Albright in Brooklyn, New York. He is a part of the Northern Shaolin Seven Star Praying Mantis Association lead by Master Raymond Nelson, The Kung FU Exchange Frederation lead by Master Raymond Fogg, The National Kung Fu Association ran by Master Pablo Zamora, North American Chinese Boxing Association lead by Master Tony Puyot, Yang Family Tai Chi Association lead by Master Yang Jun. His schools are known nationwide as some of the most successful martial art schools in the country.

Master Hughes realizes that once a student, always a student. With this philosophy in mind he continues to train in other arts and fitness and is the first to bring the Hooton Sports Performance Training for Power Speed Athletes into the Martial Arts. Master Hughes is well versed in not only traditional Kung-Fu, Kajukenbo, Hapkido, Kuk Sool Wun, and Karate, But also in Wah Lum Kung Fu, Seven Star Praying Mantis, Eagle Claw, Chinese Wrestling, Tiger / Crane, Tai Chi and Qigong. Master Hughes continues his education in such systems as Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). No one can say he hasn’t worked hard to become one of the best in this field. He was been published by the leading martial arts industry magazine, "Inside Kung Fu" on Praying Mantis Boxing.

Austin Fitness Martial Arts Instructors

Master Hughes’s Fitness Martial Artists instructors are hand selected and must go through a rigorous Instructors training program. This program includes teaching, motivating, personal development, fitness/ nutrition, and the business procedures. Many of his senior instructors have been with him from 7-10 years. The development of an instructor is what sets us apart from other schools. We realize that home-growing our staff is the best and only approach to getting the best available. Knowing a person as a student first gives us the edge on other industries. We know the character, work-ethic and even families of these students. This helps us to decide who to invite into our Certified Instructors Training Program (CIT).

Austin Fitness Martial Arts Programs

Our academy is proud of their staff, and also proud of the programs that we offer. We make sure we think of the students wants and needs first. By this I mean, we bring forth the best martial arts programs available. We realize that we live in violent times and must address this with the most effective and quickest way to prepare our students. For this we use the Realistic Self-Defense systems. Puyot’s Fighting System (Combat Kung Fu) offesr some of the best techniques and training systems to prepare anyone for violent attacks. Also we take pride in the fitness aspects of our programs. We travel to seminars and bring in consultants in every area of running our programs more efficiently. We train our staff in all areas of safety and in assisting students to reach their fitness and martial arts goals.

In giving the students the best in fitness, we teach what we call Kickboxing. This Kickboxing program that is ran different than most kickboxing programs. This class burns up to 900 calories and shapes your body like no other. It is not your grandmothers cardio kickboxing class. This is a totally new approach to teaching Kickboxing that is becoming one of the most popular fitness and martial arts programs in the nation.

We also keep in mind the traditional aspects of the martial arts and offer training in traditional Chinese Shaolin Kung-Fu. Training in the ancient empty hand and weapon forms allows us to travel on the footsteps of the ancient masters. Instruction in over 18 classical weapons as well as training in authentic Shaolin Kung-Fu forms. These forms cover the animal forms such as the Tiger, leopard, Snake, Crane, Dragon, and the Praying Mantis.

The life skills training is another area that we are second to none. We have mastered the area of teaching life skills. We include these life skills in every class and they are taught in such a way that even our 4 year old students can stand-up in front of a large group and recite them like a confident leader.

The Future of Austin Fitness Martial Arts

We have a vision to spread our academies all over the World. Our professionalism and success has sparked an incline in more schools opening up in our area attempting to emulate us. This we take as a good thing. There is no better compliment than to attempt to emulate. But it is a fact, Master Hughes’s Martial Arts is unique, and has always stood out and always will.

Here is what a student had to say…

“I started training in February as an overweight glutton that lacked real stamina. Within weeks I was already losing weight, increasing my stamina and feeling better overall. I was surprised that many of the exercises were the same or similar to those we practiced in the military. –Martial Arts- Go Figure! I have really enjoyed the training; it not only makes me feel good physically but mentally as well. The curriculum and culture are all very interesting. Sure beats sitting at home with a six pack. I appreciate the attitude and direction the school emphasizes on the students. I think that much of the world is void of patience, respect and humility. It’s good that we’re all striving to fill that void. I’m getting better everyday!” – Shawn Hinckley

Austin, Texas 512-707-8977