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More than 10 Years of Martial Arts Success!

Welcome to Austin Fitness Martial Arts and Kung Fu Karate. For more than a decade now, we’ve been providing top quality instruction in Kung Fu, MMA, CrossPit Fitness and Fitness Kickboxing. Our instructors are chosen for their outstanding martial arts skills and accomplishments. They know how to achieve success for student after student, no matter age or experience level, using state-of-the-art martial arts and teaching methods.

You are the Focus at Austin Fitness Martial Arts

As leaders in Fitness and Martial Arts we believe that every student excels faster with an individual approach. We teach you the tools you need to defend yourself effectively with special attention on your goals, needs and current abilities. Our Instructors pride themselves in provding support and encouragement so that you will succeed! Whether you are looking to tone, sculpt and strengthen your body with one of our Fitness programs OR ready to start your amazing and rewarding journey to black belt, you can be assured our instructors will be right by your side every step of the way.

A Modern Approach to Learning Ancient Skills

The self-defense and martial arts skills you’ll learn at Austin Fitness Martial Arts are based on ancient techniques, designed and taught for a modern world. We know each individual is just that, an individual with different strengths and weaknesses, and we take into account who you are and your goals when designing a workout system that will fit you perfectly. Once you’ve got a firm foundation in the basics, we focus on emphasizing your strengths to give the you the most effective self-defense skills available. Our system will arm you with the confidence of knowing you can protect yourself and your loved ones. When the need arises, you’ll be ready.

Why Our System Rocks!

We focus on a two-pronged approach to martial arts. Our kickboxing program for adults puts the emphasis on fitness and weight loss while toning muscles and reworking the student from the inside out. It’s simply the single best approach to physical fitness we’ve found, and it’s an absolutely effective fighting form. Our kung fu and karate program for children is known throughout Central Texas for teaching children positive values like confidence, self-discipline and good manners.

We also teach proven techniques for dealing with armed attackers. Using Puyot’s Fighting Systems, we teach self-defense against opponents armed with guns, knives, clubs or even the empty hand. Along with weapons training, we’ll also teach you valuable life skills to use in everything you do.

As times change, so does the approach to teaching martial arts here at Austin Fitness Martial Arts. Our leader, Master Hughes, works constantly to assure we stay on the cutting edge of martial arts know-how and instructional techniques. To put it in his own words: “I believe the ability to defend oneself is a personal right and the martial arts to be a priceless treasure.”

Fitness, MMA and Kickboxing for Men, Women and Children

At Austin Fitness Martial Arts we place physical fitness at the top of our priority list because we know it’s critical to look and feel great to take on life’s challenges.

In today’s world, the ability to defend yourself is critical. Women especially need quality self-defense experience and knowledge to ensure their safety. Our programs teach those skills quickly, effectively and safely. You’ll learn how to deal with any form of assault, grabs, punches or kicks, even armed attackers.

Karate is Great for Children Too

Our Kids Kung Fu Karate program will give your children an advantage in everything they do. They’ll gain coordination, strength, balance and agility while learning values like respect and dignity. The self-respect, confidence and discipline they’ll learn will help them succeed at home and at school, and they’ll carry that success the rest of their lives.

What our Students Have to Say…

“Have you ever felt that there was no place that can satisfy a need for self-discipline? I know I have. I’ve been in an JROTC program only to find myself getting more frustrated and creating stress, so from that point, I’ve been on the boiling side until I discovered a new way to maintain stress, anger and get that self discipline I’ve been looking for called Tai Chi, at the Austin Fitness Martial Arts. Walking in, I was welcomed as if I was a student for a long time. But doing my first class, I was rather shy and nervous because I don’t like feeling like the one slowing everyone else down. But everyone here is very respectful and helped me catch with the pace.  Well all in all, there have been many places that I’ve joined and said “what the heck am I doing here?” but this is definitely a school that I have no regrets in joining.” – Antonio Parra

“No matter how lame my day is I always feel great after class. The work out challenges me more than physically, it challenges me to let go of the day and focus on the moment. It’s sweaty, healthy therapy!” – Claudia Trevino

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